There once was a bee, his name was Ted,
He bounced on flowers, from head to head,
What a fine game, he thought he was on,
Collecting no honey, he was frowned upon,

Bees gather honey and take from each flower,
But Ted just liked jumping, hour upon hour,
Head of the Bees said, "What's this I hear,"
"Isn't Ted getting, any honey this year,"

"Send him to me," Head Bee said quite loud,
"We'll find out why, his heads in the clouds,"
Ted was recalled back to the hive,
"What's wrong with collecting, to keep us alive"

"Nothing " said Ted, "I'm busy you see,"
"Jumping on flowers, makes me feel free,"
"Free," roared Head bee with anger at last,
"You'll get no food, if that's been your past,"

"No food." said young Ted, "Yes!" said Head Bee,
"Bring me some honey, then you.ll get some  tea,"
Ted then flew out on a rose did alight,
And drank his of fill, to the roses delight.

Back to the hive, with the honey he had.
"That's better," said Head and called him 
"Good lad,"
Ted still remembers, his bouncing with fun,
Playing on flowers, all in the sun.


Piglet, come and dance with me,
Oe'r the green-fields and the lea.
Over the meadows, near the brook,
See the flowers, turn to look.

Piglet, come and hear my song,
Merrily played, the whole day long.
Birds in treetops, sweetly sing,
Sounds that creatures, gently bring.

Piglet, we shall dance and play, 
And be merry, all the day.
Yes! By jingo! we shall stay,
All the merry month of May.


Harry, the grass hopper, hopping around,
Fluttering over the grass, with each bound.
He hopped up so high, that he nearly flew,
Into a hungry,  Starlings bright view.
Harry the hopper, was lucky, you see,
He just missed being, the starlings tea.

Luv a Duck

Timothy duck fell in love, that day,
Sitting on the pond in May.
The lady duck was so refined,
She smiled at him, dear Clemantine.

He'd move up close and with his beak,
He gently nudged, her downey cheek.
She nestled close, he felt quite proud,
And stretched his neck, to call aloud.

Their love they showed, for all to see,
Such nudging,  nestling as can be.
The Birds and Frogs, were quite aware,
These feelings of the feathery pair.

"Spring time is near," the birds sang out,
Frogs, all  agreed and hopped about.
And so the day came to a close,
And this is where I end my prose. 


The Ant sat down and thought one day, 
How he could learn,  to work and play.
Instead of working,  all day long,
At pulling, bits of twigs and hay.
He'd stop awhile, to gaze on high,
And see the sun, up in the sky.
Or sit upon a branch and sing,
Oh! That would be the life for him.

Birds in Poem

There's Mister Robin, with his bright red breast,
Perched on a branch, then sitting in his nest.

Tawny Owl, with his blinking stare,
Said to be wise, as he looks with care.

See Mr., Woodpecker, at yonder oak tree,
Pecking at the wood,  with his beak for tea.

Close all your windows, when Jackdaw is near,
He'll pick up your rings, you'll lose them I fear.


Mother and Father Frog one  morn,
Decided it was time to spawn.
As though they'd waved a magic wand,
Their eggs were lying on the pond.

Like little specks, the eggs lay there,
Till tadpoles hatched, in the sultry air.
They swam around with legs and tails,
Surprisingly, they had no scales.

One little chap, his name was Fred,
Thought he was good and very well bred.
He swished his tail, with a swirl and sway,
Fred had a wonderful time, that day

But as he wondered, far away,
He heard his Mother call. “Do stay."
He bumped into a piece of log,
Did Fred, that naughty little frog.

His legs were caught, his breath ran out,
He'd lost his strength to swim and shout.
Fred's, mother saw, she came full speed,
And moved the log caught in the weed.

"Perhaps you'll learn my fine young man,
There's things you can't and things you can."
Now Fred's adventure's  in the past,
He's home with Mum and Dad at last.


Sam shrimp was small, I do recall,
His games were full of fun.
His playmate. Pete the hermit crab,
In races often won.

One day, they played beside the sea,
Sam said. "We'll have a race,"
His friend, the hermit crab replied,
"Your on.  I'll win first place.

The sun was up, the sky was blue,
The sea was calm, that day,
Their friends, they came, to call them on, 
A merry sight were they.

Sam shrimp and Pete, moved to the line,
They set their sights ahead.
Then came the call of. "Off you Go."
Don't wait to long," they said.

Sam shrimp he moved, with quite a dash,
The sand, sprayed,  all around.
The hermit crab. he moved  with ease,
And seemed to cover ground.

"But Sam has won," they all called out,
As he raced towards the line.
The stately Crab moved slowly on,
He thought he'd done quite fine.