Clearblue was a small pixie boy, he wore pointed blue shoes and a pointed blue hat with tiny bells on the points of the shoes and hat, a blue jerkin and light blue close fitting trousers. He was a merry little pixie and he was on his way home from seeing a game called 'Fairydown' being played, the game was played by many players and was won by the one who could blow the Fairydown the furthest and the longest, these were small balls of fluff left over from the dandelion flowers.

Clearblue was thinking he had chosen his side well and was still wondering about it when he saw a flash pass him so quickly, but not wanting to be ignored he called out to the passerby.  "Hi! which way are you going so quickly," 

Soon there was a noise like stopping and a small head popped up, who would it be but Bouncer the rabbit. "Sorry Clearblue, just on my way to tea," and before the pixie could say more Bouncer had gone. "Well I never."   said Clearblue aloud. "These young rabbits, just because they take part in races nearly run one over." He then continued on his way, now the path he had to take was along side of a forest and it was known that fairies and gnomes lived in the forest and for some nights recently, there was such a lovely sound of music and laughter coming from the trees, which were lit up by many coloured lanterns. 

This made the forest very interesting to Clearblue and he would peep in as he walked along the outside path, today was no different than any other. He nearly stepped on something shiny on the path. "What could it be," thought Clearblue, bending down to pick up what looked like a small hand mirror, with a silver handle he wondered who it must belong to. He felt very happy finding such a lovely mirror. Holding it up he looked into it, to his suprize the little mirror was glowing yellow and as he looked again he became puzzled as the mirror now shone blue, then he felt sad, thinking who could have lost such an unusual mirror. They must be worried and sad at losing it, this made the glass to shine purple. All in a few seconds these colours changed. Clearblue stopped looking in the mirror and thought. "This must be a magic mirror, for if I feel happy or sad it changes colour now how odd."   He carefully wrapped it in some leaves he found and walked home. 
Now it happened that in the forest lived a most beautiful fairy Princess called Silverstream and Princess Silverstream was feeling very sad for the silver mirror belonged to her. It really was a magic mirror for the fairy princess would go from flower to flower and shine the mirror on to the flowers by day, so she knew if the flower was sad or happy by the colours the mirror glowed, then the Princess would smile and laugh into the back of the mirror and all of a sudden the colours would change to golden, then a beam of silver would flow towards the flowers and they would smile and beam back, so you see the mirror being lost was quite a problem, as all the flowers missed the Princess and her magic mirror. 

So all the fairies in the forest had a meeting and decided to offer a reward of a lovely 'Red Ball' in return for the Silver Mirror' they printed little posters and leaflets saying.

'Lost one Silver Mirror,
If found and returned'
A reward of one Red bouncing Ball.
 Signed.  Princess Silverstream.

Now Clearblue was not aware of what had happened and he was showing this lovely mirror to his friend  when Clearblue showed Greenmist the mirror his friend  looked at it and said. "Clearblue, I know where this comes from and who it belongs to," He seemed quite excited as he carried on. "There is a fairy princess in the forest who uses this mirror to help the flowers and trees, she's called Silvercharm."  "Oh dear, she will be missing it," said Clearblue, "Will you come with me to see  her and return the mirror," said Clearblue to Greenmist not mentioning to his friend that he was a little afraid of going into the forest alone. The two friends set out going along the same path that Clearblue had just come from, at the edge of the forest they noticed a small piece of paper attached to a tree, and it was asking if someone had found the Silver Mirror. "Oh look, there's a reward," said Greenmist. "Come on, lets find out where they live. Moving into the forest they came upon a long large building and on the gate it said "Palace", Clearblue read the title looked at his friend. "Here we are, it says Palace." 
"I can read,"   muttered Greenmist and then pulled the bell at the gate. A fairy guard came out and said. "Yes." "We'd like to see the princess," said Clearblue. "Why!" growled the guard at the gate, looking stern. "We've come about the Silver Mirror." put in Greenmist. "Wait here," said the guard. Soon he was back and opening the gate he showed them into a large hall, at the end of the hall was a throne with a lovely young fairy sitting there so pretty, all in silver and pink, the friends walked towards her so shy and a little afraid. She smiled at the pixies. "Don't be afraid." said the Princess for that was who it was. "The guard said you have news of my lost mirror." 
 "Yes"    said Clearblue pulling the leaves off the little silver mirror and handing it to the Princess. "Oh thank you." She said very pleased to get the ' Magic Mirror' back. "I really thought I'd lost the mirror forever." then looking at Clearblue she asked "Where did you find it,"  Clearblue explained how he had come across the mirror on his way home. Silver stream then called a guard and asked him to bring the Redball in for Clearblue and his friend,. "This is a special Ball." said the Princess. "If you lose it, it will always come back to you." The pixies thanked the Princess for the very unusual gift, then Clearblue and Greenmist went on their way. If you see a small red dot in the trees it may just be the Pixy friends playing with their special Red Ball, or if you see a silver flash among the flowers it could be Princess Silverstream using her magic mirror to help the flowers and trees.
Ann Pettersen 1994