Bobby and Beth were on their way home from school and quite excited as the next day was Saturday and a circus had arrived in the town. Their parents had told them that tomorrow afternoon they could visit the circus and this was why the children were so happy, as they walked along a lane, on their way home. Suddenly, Bobby stopped, he turned to Beth and said, "Listen!" they both stood very still and listened, first they heard the birds making noises as if chatting to each other, then another other noise.

They quietly moved to a large tree near by and to their surprise, just passed the tree, was Silvercharm, the lovely little fairy that Beth and Bobby had befriended, she was looking into the grass, she looked very pretty in her dainty pink and silver dress, and lovely blond hair. As they listened, they heard her say, "I can't see anything there," to someone not seen by the children, then a voice from the other side of the tree, "But I saw him run there!" this sounded very much like Merrybell, her father and as he came into view, they saw he was dressed in red pants and a blue jerkin, the children then stepped out from around the tree, for they were very curious. to know who their friends were looking for.

"Hello, Merrybell, Silvercharm!. Say? who are you looking for, "asked Bobby, "Hello, Bobby and Beth," greeted Merrybell and Silvercharm, "We saw a strange animal move into the grass, he had a very long nose," Silvercharm informed them, now Bobby and Beth wanted to stay and help Merrybell and Silvercharm, but they had promised their mother to be home from school early and they explained this to their two friends.

 The children then went along the lane running a little and then walking, they went past the wood where Merrybell and Silvercharm lived, suddenly Beth stopped this time, the noise they heard was much louder. Thump! thump!, then rustle, rustle, coming from the trees, they looked around and were very surprised to see a baby elephant trotting, this way and that, its little trunk waving, not sure where to go.

Beth said to Bobby, "Looks like we are going to get home a little later than expected," "I feel we must let Merrybell, now that we have found their strange animal," said Beth smiling at Bobby, so going back to where they had seen their friends the children told them of the baby elephant and with the little elf man and his daughter on their shoulders, they caught up with the baby elephant. 


After the excitement that Silvercharm had shown, they decided to find out what was happening to the animal. Merrybell said he would talk to the elephant and find out, that is, if Bobby would help him onto the baby elephants back and with a heave and a hup, hup, Merrybell managed to climb near his ear and spoke to the elephant the 
young elephant seemed to settle down immediately, which made everyone realise he understood the elf man. Soon Merrybell waved to Bobby and slid down the elephants back, Bobby caught him. "Well!" said Bobby looking a little worried "is he lost," 
"His name is Ellie, and yes, she is lost," said Merrybell, "She must belong to the circus," said Beth in a quiet voice. "Well that's what she said, I told her not to worry as we are her friends and are here to help her," continued the elf man, "I know where the circus is," Bobby said trying to be helpful," and if you and Silvercharm sit on Ellie, I can take her trunk and lead her there," now Merrybell thought this was a very good idea. So with Silvercharm sitting on top of Ellie's head and Merrybell near her ear to tell her of their plan, the children went in front holding the Baby elephants trunk to lead her away from the trees and into the lane soon they saw the circus. Ellie was very happy with all the attention she was now getting and also knowing that she would see her mother soon. 

When they arrived there the Manager was very pleased to see young Ellie again, and gave the children four tickets to see the show the next day, of course the manager couldn't see our friends Merrybell and Silvercharm, as they slid down the elephant as soon as they saw the circus in the distance, and were now in the pockets of the children, Beth and Bobby were now quite late from school and after saying their good-bye’s to Merrybell and Silvercharm, arrived at home as tea was just being served, their mother wanted to know why they were late, she could see the children were quite excited and with a little difficulty they managed to explain what had happened. Bobby then produced the four tickets that the Manager 
of the Circus had given the children, Mum and Dad decided not to say any more about it.

Next day came quite soon with much excitement from the children, as it came nearer the time to go to the circus. Merrybell and Silvercharm had agreed to meet the children earlier so they could travel, yes, in the pockets of the children. They all set off and arrived in time to see everyone going into the large tent, they were taken to front row seats and could see every thing quite clearly, Merrybell and Silvercharm sat on the shoulders of the children, and were not seen by anyone there, it was such a lovely show and Ellie the baby elephant was very popular and looked very very happy to be back with her mother.
~Anne Pettersen~1998