50ish  Calypso

Friends Romans teachers lend me your ears
Our head man has just reached fifty years
How he used his time is not very clear
They say he spent most of it drinking beer 

         Its true he missed
         Most of his birthdays ‘cos he was drunk
         The Grapes of Wrath
         Is not just another play that he teaches theclass

Well now he’s reached fifty he’s a worried man
He’s travelling faster than his old car can
He’ll have to slow down or the pace will kill
Now the rest of the journey is all down hill

         The big Five Oh
         Now you’ll have to take things a little slow
         And speed can kill
‘    Specially if the path is all down hill

Well cheer up Bud things can’t get worse
‘Better buy that sports car before you ride that hearse
Don’t let old-age rob you of your sex appeal
Remember You’re only as old as the woman you feel.

         It’s sad but true
         Bob my friend time is catching up on you
         You’ll find I’m right
         Now it takes all night to do …  what you did all night

But come on now fifty’s not so bleak
You’re only half as old as all your antiques
Some would say you’re still in your prime
But your value doesn’t increase with time

         It’s sad I know
         We’ll never see you on the “Sunday Road Show”
         Don’t get me wrong
         They couldn’t put a price on you on “Going for a Song”

Well I must stop before you start
I would like to wish my dear old ….. Friend
The best respects on your half “C”
They say life begins when you reach fifty

         Not true, I know
         You’ll still be standing in the wings waiting for the show
         When you reach that age
         All the best talent has left the stage

So everyone here will agree
Happy birthday  on reaching fif....ty

Drink and be merry, enjoy the wine
Now you’ve reached 50 its borrowed time
Happy birthday to you
Hope that all your wishes do come true
This wish is sincere
Happy Birthday  on your 5o’Th year

I was asked to write a calypso for a Drama teacher.