2000 A Cyberspace Oddity

I’ll tell you an old fashioned story
It’s one that you haven't heard yet
‘bout a computer nerd in the 90’s
Who tried to put With on the net

Y’ know With, on the East Coast of England
Somewhere ‘tween Whitby and Hull
Their one claim to fame was they once had a pier
When it went, life got pretty dull

Well this nerd thought he'd bump up their ratings
Get some folks to notice the spot
He knew all his Rams, Roms and Nibbles
On the old 90’s PC’s he was hot

Now early one spring he suggested
To some folks on the council he'd met
That a Withernsea web site would bring punters in
If they'd just buy some space on the Net

They agreed, sent him off to a meeting
‘bout a bid to finance his idea
Now he didn't want much
Just a trifling sum of a £120 a year

All through the spring he conferred with
A Civil servants’ development team
He thought the money they spent on the meetings
Would have launched his whole Internet scheme

When Spring turned to summer, frustrated
He asked the Mayor to get the job done
Even offered to serve as “Webmaster”
His pay would be nowt but “the fun”

Well the council explored the idea
Even contacted him by this ere E-mail
Said they would consider his offer
But he waited….. to no avail

Well all through the summer he waited
To see if they'd require his skill
Towards the end of the year
He'd heard that they fear, 
The possible ‘Internet bill’

Then he went along to a meeting
And said, “Now listen  what's t’do?
With just a few bob and a modem
I can make some web pages for you

Well the mayor said, “Son tha’s a good ‘un”
I think we'll get on with the job
And the council agreed to a man ,and some women
The Web site was just a few bob.

So they bought some space on a server
And started to develop the scheme
Now Withernsea Web’s up and running
No longer a silly nerd’s dream

So the end of the story you all know of
‘Bout a town that was once thought to be dead
But it didn't die ‘cos they knew how to apply
Some thought to the World Wide Web

 I eventually managed to set up the web page and run it
for about 4 years then the new Mayor got an offer
from a firm to put up a professional job.
He asked me if I could match their offer!!!
As I wasn't being paid to do the job and I was a full-time teacher
I didn't see how I could. I suggested they take the offer.
I got a plaque for all my efforts...wonder what the company got?