The open air concert 

Dark amongst the evening sky
Carried through on a summer's breeze
Songs they sang from a wooden stage between the trees

I remember, they'll never die
The songs they sang they weren't too good but they made me sigh

Summer winds, a simple bird call
Willow trees that creak and sway
Sometimes you could watch  Sunset fall on the stage

I still remember, as the years go by
Songs they sang in the fading day could make you cry

Lost among a sea of dreams
Searching for a missing song
Wondering if I know that theme ...... or am I wrong?

Then I remember as the words go by
Its a song they sang on a wooden stage or maybe I

Maybe I was young and easily
Fooled by words and simple rhyme
The songs were vague my memories leaving me all the time

But then I remember as the tune floats by
The songs they sang, the words, the thoughts, they made me sigh

This actually got published in a book called "Quiet Moments
" I think it was a Vanity Publication so I never bought a copy
if you do see it tell 'em it was a song and I'll send em the music next time.