The GCSE meeting

For the past two days you may have been confused
And some of you may have been amused
Others sat back and let it pass
But nobody wanted to teach a class

(The cascade system:- Like pyramid selling-
 the teacher at the bottom finishes up with a
garage full of ideas no one wants)

On the 20th June '84 kicked the old system out the door
DES and WO Published a General INTRO
O'level and CSE have been replaced by some degree
(but don't think that's got us beat,
we'll just re-label the old work sheets,

Only the grades will be changed to protect the innocent)

Y'all came here on Monday Morn
To see a new system being born
But I didn't think anyone here would know
We'd have a vigalence test on a video.
(see how long you could stay awake...
even took the chairs out of the staff-room)

When I scored my self-assement test
Found the thing that I did best
Was communicating information
And the kids all liked role-play simulation
(I pretended I was communicating and they pretended to listen)


(As the maestro said "this may be useful to some of you
 some day in some set of bizarre circumstances....)

Well we got all the blurb and glossary
But my profile-reporting lost validity
When a cute little English teacher smiles
Is that "complimentary teaching styles"?
 After tea things got pretty neat
Went to a departmental meet
Tossed ideas around the room
Out with the old and bought a new broom.

(English department's got great plans
just ask new questions to the old exams)

Huh!" Departmental meetings".... go in sane.... depart... mental

Highlight of yesterday
Was when we were told we all could play
Assessing each-other on orals skills
Sure thought we'd have some thrills
(I got it wrong again)

Well now we've all been to the shows
Seen GCSE and how it goes
Got new exams cooking under the lids
Trouble may be feeding the same old kids
(have to leave all the "beens" out of the recipe)