The John Bunyan Calypsos
If you are ever stuck with an assembly about
 John Bunyan please use this.It goes to a calypso rhythm
Today's assembly I declare
Is about Doubting Castle and Giant Despair
If you read Pilgrim's Progress, the story's all there
How Pilgrim's long journey's full of woe and care.

John Bunyan, this tale
Tells us about a man in jail
John Bunyan's despair
Wasn't about a castle in the air

When John Bunyan wrote the book he was locked in a cell
Imprisoned for preaching so the history books tell
If you've ever read the book you'll be forced to agree
Pilgrim's Progress is an interesting allegory

John Bunyan, it's a shame
Locked in a prison and you weren't to blame
John Bunyan all the same
You wrote Pilgrim's Progress and rose to fame

Now John Bunyan was a tinker who mended pots and pans
He travelled the country in a gypsy caravan
But in those early days of England Ollie Cromwell was around
So John Bunyan couldn't find a peaceful camping ground.

Shouted (Ere ! move your 'orse and caravan,
don't you know there's a civil war on?)

John Bunyan, who cares
Riding in a caravan and selling your wares
John Bunyan, who knows
One day you'll be wearing very fine clothes.

In 1649 Ollie Cromwell killed the king
So John Bunyan decided he'd go along with him
He signed up for Cromwell's army the very next day
Preferred it to tinkering, he got better pay

John Bunyan signed on
Cromwell was winning so he just went along
John Bunyan, at war
But he didn't really know what he was fighting for

Well along came Charles the 2nd in 1661
He wasn't pleased with Cromwell or the way the war had gone
Decided to restore himself as ruler of the nation
And that's why history calls it the famous  Restoration.

John Bunyan it's sad
Thought all the killing was very very bad
John Bunyan you know
When your side is losing it's time to go

Meanwhile poor John B wasn't happy with the fighting
Decided that the army wasn't to his liking
He left Ollie's army and  went to do some teaching
As a traveling cleric he did some free-lance preaching

John Bunyan, its true
Wasn't licensed to preach by Charlie 2
John Bunyan, sad tale
They arrested him and threw him in the jail.

Well the rest of the story you know pretty well
Charlie said he wasn't licensed so he ended in a cell
He felt pretty dismal and he hadn't had much luck
So he picked up a pen and wrote a famous book

John Bunyan, this tale
Tells us about a man in jail
John Bunyan's despair
Wasn't about a castle in the air

Well the moral of the story should be clear to everyone
If you're travelling through life and you cannot get along
If arrested and locked up and don't think the law is fair
Don't enter doubting castle, don't give into despair

John Bunyan I see, what your little story was telling me
John Bunyan, I'm aware
I should never live with doubt and despair.