Sleepy Eyes

Sleepy eyes I don’t know what you’re thinking
With that soft winter sunshine in your hair
Maybe tomorrow you’ll say what’s on your mind
But tonight, its all right, I don’t care.

The coffee’s gone cold , while you’re sleeping
The log on the fire’s turned ash-grey
While you dream on I can say ‘I love you’
Its something I don’t often say

Are you dreaming of what you’ve forsaken
Or the places you may never know
One day my love, perhaps things will change
And maybe we really will go.

The world can be cold and unfeeling
And we have to face problems each day
But while you’re asleep, I know we’ll survive
And tonight, its all right, we don’t care.

The Faery Fella's Master Stroke

An apothecary watching the slaughter
With Pestle and Mortar
Mixing the madder
Are you really in focus
Arching to strike?

Figures you've etched in
Painted all tainted
  Ghouls you created
Weeds of your mind
Screaming in laughter
Seen at the scene

Were they painted in
Or did they just  leer
Watching the axe fall?
Maybe the figures blurred in the shutter
When they sprang from the wood in Fontainebleau
Shouting Take him! Take him! he's mad
Richard Dadd

La Fleurs

The clouds of hate are gathering now
Black, like the once fertile soil
The flowers of evil flourish somehow
In the copper-green mists of decay

And we ask how can nature still hope to survive
Against man's all invincible power
But perhaps we're just  minutes of  life on a slide
And the glass will be cleaned in the hour

Bye Bud Abbot

I used to laugh when you fell down
But down you fell
Standing there like a giant
screams of laughter running down your face
But the world couldn't
So you left, Right
 goose-marching your jokes down into history  
Goodbye Bud