Piggy Smells
 More Piggy Smells
With apologies to Woody Guthrie

The crops are all in and the pig-manure's spreading,
You can smell the aroma all over the land,
They try to tell us its good for the country,
They say that this effluence should not be banned.

Get out the old Pine Fresh, get out some fresh Joss-sticks,
Get out your nice smellies the piggies are here,
It will have a name when it catches your nostrils
It will have a name but I can't use it here.

D.E.F.R.A. say that you can't leave pig manure lying,
After 24 hours it must be turned in
But most of the farmers don't seem to own watches
Most of them seem to think DEFRA is dim

So plug up your nostrils and cancel the party
You friends won't want to visit while piggy is here
You can't have a barby they're spraying the fields now
Its good for the soil but it won't go with beer

I suppose after years of this smell I'd be hardened
My nostrils should know when its time to close down
But why must they spray on this ONE sunny day
When the weather's like this why should I go to town?

So get out the car and let's all leave the country
Let the farmers play piggy and spray all their crop
We'll go into town where there aren't any farmers
And the smells aren't too good but they don't make you drop

With apologies to Joseph

Close every door today
Hide all the clothes away
Shut all the windows
To keep out the smell

The first of the month they say
The pig manure's here to to day
The farmers are spreading it
over the fields

If we were immune to it
And we couldn't smell the s**t
Maybe we'd put up with it
Over the land

Close every door today
This smell won't go away
It always lingers
and hangs in the air

For you know its not right
That they spread this pig S**te
But they say in the country
You should get used to the smell

Close every door today
Windows as well they say
Stop all the chimney's
And plug up the gaps

For we know that it might
Stop the smell of the S**te
But don't dare hang out washing
It won't come back too clean

Close the front porch today
Hide the deck chairs away
Don't sit in your garden
Don't breathe in the air

With waste from a piggy's rear
They're tainting the atmosphere
And making the country smell
Just like a sty.