Talking BBC computers

The Headmaster said your the man for me
I want you here to teach I.T.
His initial assumption was right you see
I've always taught Senior High Information Technology
And that's no acronym

Now all of the acorns ain't on the tree
Some of 'em are owned by the BBC
Lace 'em together and what do you get
Information Technology on Econet
(It's another word for an echo that says "not listening"

Well our H.O.D.'s the man for me
Got all the directories, owns the whole tree
Got the system wrapped up like the K.G.B.
Leaves only the branches for the nuts like me

When you teach computers I've heard it's true
Most of the kids are teaching you
Don't ever log off or turn your back
'Cos that's when the wiz-kids start to hack
(You can fool some of the 4th year all the time
half of the 5th year all the time but not
 that curly headed kid at station 23)

Yea the kids are smart so I've  heard
Know most of the codes and the system pass-word
It's no big secret to them you see
I just wish one of them would tell me

(This will make more sense if you ever had an econet system)

Well I'm getting the jargon, it's not easily missed
I can already speak with a LISP
There's transputers, computers, bits, bytes and RAM
If it's WYSIWYG or WIMPS then I'm your man
(I'm menu driven.... hit a key and talk to me)

Turned on a computer the other day
Hit a key.... all it would say
Was "Who are you?".... I wasn't sure
So I went home and thought some more
(Wife knew who I was, kids weren't sure though)

I steeled myself for another go
I typed right back "Who wants to know?"
I guess it must have been really thrown
'Cos it came back "Pass- word unknown"
(I've got a watch with a better memory)

I typed in my Xmas list the other day
It said "Not Listening" now who's gonna pay
Suppose I was being really mean
Top of the list was a Research Machine
(That computer thinks a Nimbus is a
black cloud hanging over it)

Well that's all I've gotta say
Most of the course has been ok
Leave the whiz-kids thinking for I go
I know what I do not know
(Socrates said that..... I just corrupt the youth)