A Teacher's farewell
Farewell to all you pupils who are leaving  XXXX High
We hope you've learned to cope with all life's tricks.
And if we taught you ought that will help as years go by,
We hope the information really sticks.

If you're leaving with diplomas, certificates and such
You can thank the dons that helped you as you go.
But if you didn't make the grade and didn't study much
There's just one or two things that you should know.

Many famous people never made their mark at school
Some were considered dull and rather slow.
They didn't always work and they often played the fool.
The exam results they got were pretty low.

You can read about such people Einstein, Kipling and the rest.
They never seemed to do too well in class.
Seems the system didn't suit them or they didn't do their best.
"Time" was the only subject they could pass.

Perhaps the schools were wrong, perhaps they never really tried.
Truth is, when still at school, they failed to shine.
Or they may have had ideas that they never quite applied
Or it was simply that they couldn't keep in line.

But for all their dismal efforts mentioned in reports from schools'
"Can't concentrate" or "Fails to really try"
Those pupils left to find that LIFE provided tools
And found that all their talents would apply.

So don't be  disheartened if you never reached the peak
You can't climb mountains with certificates or grades.
You may meet many rock falls to a future that you seek
But its TENACITY and COURAGE that gets paid.

And remember as you're leaving to join the human race.
They don't qualify the starters in the blocks.
They don't handicap competitors with different lengths of pace.
And no one sets the lap time on the clocks.

So put your best foot forward, meet each hurdle in your stride.
Go out and show the world what you can do.
Let them all know where you're going and they'll have to step aside.
To let another winner pass on through.