Cleaning Windows

Mirror mirror on the disc
Where's that silly file I missed?
Why did I not restore instead
I must have been quite off my head

I thought that it was safely stored
But I can't remember what it's called
It was a useful little tool
I often used it when at school

To highlight text and it would show
The passwords that you didn't know
It checked your disk for hidden files
Defragemented it with little tiles

It showed the icons on your screen
No need to guess what's stored unseen
It let you slip to DOS to use
Programs the G.U.I. refused

It checked for errors every day
It didn't suddenly crash and say
"There is a fault, please save your file"
"Computer restarting in a while"

I've lost control I want to know
What's happening on the disk below
This "user friendly" G.U.I.
Doesn't really tell a guy

What's going on below the screen
It really make you want to scream
When programs update on the sly
And don't even ask if they can try

I want an OS  that won't tease
One that doesn't stall or freeze
A simple program, just like me
Please Bill Gates send Windows 3