Going Solo

 Chapter 2

1/ Why was  the Italian ship taking girls to Abyssinia?

2/  What is Tanganyika called now?

3/ What port did the Dumra call into before it reached Dar es Salaam?

4/ What was it about England that Roald did not miss?

5/ Why did it "mean a lot" if you were from the "Mwanumwezi" tribe?

6/ Name  at least two types of things that Shell customers owned in Tanganyika.

7/ What was the purpose of Roald's visit to the customers?

8/ Why didn't they try to run over snakes that crossed the road?

9/ What other animals did Roald see in  Tanganyika?

10/ How would you say "Salimu the cooking-pot, quickly thank you." in Swahili?


  Look up these words and write down the definitions on a page in your book.
1/ morale 2/ lagoon 3/ tropical  4/ benighted 5/ fluent 6/ sisal 7/ domestic 8/ awning 9/ sprawled


In the book Roald shows a photograph of a ceremony called crossing the line. Find out what this means
and write a short paragraph explaining what goes on at such a ceremony.