Going Solo

 Chapter 3

1/ Who did Roald go to see in Bagomoyo?

2/  Why was there a British District Officer in Tabora?

3/ What would Mary Sanford call a "Hebra"?

4/ Why did Robert Sanford go for a rifle?

5/ What did Roald think was like a scene from a great tragic comedy?

6/ Why didn't Robert Sanford shoot at the lion?

7/ What happened to the cooks wife when Sanford shot at the lion?

8/ What was Sanford going to do about the lion later?

9/ What did the "East African Standard" want Roald to do?

10/ How would you say "Beware large lion behind you" in Swahili?


 Look up these words and write down the definitions on a page in your book
         and put each one in a sentence.

1/ Immense 2/ safari 3/ saviour  4/ bizarre 5/ lope 6/ disputes 7/ circumstances 8/ graduates/ foliage


In the book Roald is asked to write an account of the lion incident. Try writing an account of a time you were chased by an animal. If you have never been in such a situation make one up.