Going Solo

 Chapter 4

Answers in sentences please.

1/ Where did Fuller work?
2/  Is a green mamba as dangerous as a black mamba?

3/ Why didn't Mr fuller and his family leave the bungalow by the door?
4/ Why wouldn't the snake-man buy snakes from the natives?

5/ What was so special about the snake-man's gloves and boots?

6/ Why did Roald think the snake-man was committing suicide?

7/ Why  was Jack not going to come out to the children?

8/ If the snake was just too far away from the pole to reach, roughly how far away was it?

9/ Why do you suppose the snake-man spoke so nicely to the snake?

10/ What did the snake do once it was in the sack?

Now try this:-

 In your own words, describe the snake-man.

 Do you think this sort of incident happened  every day in Tanganyika? Explain why you  think it did, or why you think it didn't.


Imagine you are the snake-man and you are telling the tale. Write a short report about this incident.