Going Solo

Chapter 5
   Answers in sentences please.

1/ Why was Mdisho pleased with the prospect of war?

2/  What was Dahl's view of Hitler?

3/ Why did R.D. have to take quinine?
4/ Why would the Germans try to escape from Dar es Salaam?

5/ What where R.D.'s orders if the Germans tried to escape?

6/ Describe the uniform that R.D. was wearing.

7/ Why did the sergeant "relish the possibility"?

8/ How did the German man try to get R.D. to let him through the first time?

9/ How did the German try the second time?

10/ What changed the attitude of the Germans trying to leave?

Now try this:-
 Write an account of the incident as if you were one of the German civilians.


Imagine you are told to stop people entering or leaving East Park and you have 50 soldiers to do it with. Draw a diagram of the park and show how you would "deploy your troops" to do this.

Write orders for the sergeant in command telling him what to  do if people try to get through.