Going Solo

Chapter 6

Mdisho of the Mwanumwezi

1/ What was missing from the living-room in the bungalow?

2/ Why had Mdisho gone to the sisal plantation?

3/  What did Mdisho call the scabbard that the sword had been in? 
4/ What is a Sjambok?

5/ Why does he tell Mdisho not to mention what happened at the plantation?

6/ What is the only word in Swahili for an aeroplane?

7/ How long will it take to teach Roald Dahl to fly?

8/ Why did Dahl present the sword to Mdisho?


Imagine Mdisho was captured by the Swahili police and you had to write a letter to the Chief
Commissioner excusing his barbarous act at the sisal plantation. Try and write such a letter defending his actions.