Going Solo

Flying Training  P. 84

1/ Where was Roald going to go to join the R.A.F.?

2/ What did Roald do when he encountered a snake on the road?

3/ Do you think the Customs and Immigration  officer was doing a good job?

4/ How many of Roald’s flying companions died during the war?

5/ How many hours did Roald do in a Gypsy Moth before they allowed him to go solo?

6/ How did Roald get to Kampala?

7/ How did the pilots practise  shooting down enemy planes?

8/ Where was Roald eventually posted and what was the squadron called?

9/  How did Roald have to learn how to fly his new “Gladiator”?

10/  Why does Roald think so many young pilots died during the war?

Put the following words in sentences.


Design an advertisement to recruit pilots for training at Habbaniya. Try and make it sound exciting and attractive.

Write a letter to the Air Ministry explaining how you think they could improve the “MORTALITY” rate of their young pilots and ensure they will live a little longer.