Using Front Page '98 Editor for making web pages

The easiest way to use the editor it to simply 'call it' from Internet Explorer by moving the pointer to EDIT then selecting PAGE.
If the computer you are using has got Front Page Installed or available the Internet Explorer should select it as the editing tool.

The Front Page Editor will not only open but it will also open a page for immediate editing if you use this method. If you do not wish to edit the page it opens you may close it using the "X" box and you will be faced with the editor proper.

The Front Page Editor will look similar to below showing the main folders on the left and the pages with the folders onj the right.
Please not all web pages end with the extension ".htm" and most pictures will use ".jpg" or ".gif".

To edit one of the pages in the "contents" list simply double click on the page icon next to the name. 
This will open the page in the editing mode and allow you to modify the text or add pictures to the work.
The editing tool bar above is similar to the tool bar that will be available . The yellow picture allows you to set a picture in the page. The icon next right allows links to be made while all the other icons are similar to those found on a standard Word Processor.
This icon allows you to link this page to another pageThis Icon allows you to add a picture to your pageThis icon allows you to add frames (boxes) to your pageThe fonts available are simple to use. use Headlines for a large font etc.,This font just chages the size of the textThese icons allow you to increase or decrease the font size by one pointSimilar to WORD they allow you to centre or move textThese drop down menus are just copies of the icons below.FontsThe fonts and sizes for this quite simple Headline1 is very large and it gets smaller etc.,This icon allows you to link pages together.This icon allows you to set a picture in your pageThis icon allows you to make frames (similar to Word) The fonts and sizes in FP are quite simple starting with Headline 1 as largestThese two icons allow you to increase or decrease the size of the font by one point at a timeMost of the tools on this bar are in icon form below on the real FP you will get some advice on each icon if you 'float' the pointer over it.To make a new page click here, then rename the page when it appears in the editor.

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