The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Answers in sentences please

1 Why did Ford Prefect want Arthur to drink a lot of beer quickly?

2 Which drink is the best drink in existence according to the guide?

3 Why isn't the Hitchhiker's guide printed as a normal book?

4 What does the man at the bar think will help him survive the end of the world?

5 Why didn't the people of Earth know about the hyperspace express route?

6 Arthur's house suffers the same fate as the Earth what  did they have in common  concerning the demolition plans?

7 Page 14 describes how to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Think up
 another name for a drink and describe how to make it.

8  Page 27 describes the end of the Earth in one sentence. Surely we deserve at least a bit more description about how the Earth was destroyed. Try and improve the description of what it may have looked like.

Write one sentence  (or several) using these words from the book. Remember to try and slip each word into a conversation with someone today.

diurnal, void,  rehabilitate, encompass,  acoustic