The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or (2-267709 against, and falling) 

1/  Why is your poetry better than any written by Paula Nancy Millstone  Jennings? P. 51

2/ Why did the Vogon address the two hitchhikers as “Earthlings”? P. 53

3/ Why did Arthur and Ford think the Vogon liked writing wrote poetry and  were they right? P. 54

4/ The Vogon guard says the “hours are good” but what does he think of the job really? P. 56

5/ Why does the Vogon guard want to keep up the shouting? P. 58

6/ What had Arthur Dents mother said to him? P. 60

7/ How long can you last in space with “a lungful of air” P. 59

8/ Ford makes a joke while inside the airlock what is it? P. 60

9/ How long does it take for light to travel from the star Sol to the Earth?

10/ Why is a telephone number and a measure of probability interesting ?


Title  Why me?

Imagine the Vogon captain has decided to let one of the two hitchhikers live and just throw off the other.

For each  of our two heroes explain why he should be the one to survive.

Write a paragraph explaining why Ford Prefect is the best choice and then do the same for the earthling.