The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
 or  “Life?….don’t talk to me about life”

1/ What happened to the last remaining member of the Poghril tribe? P. 63

2/ What was odd about the “sea front” at South end scene?  P. 65

3/ What is a probability level? P. 66

4/ What have the monkeys done? P. 68

5/  How was the infinite improbability drive constructed? P. 70

6/ Why was the man who invented the infinite improbability drive killed? P. 70

7/ Do you think Zaphod Beeble Brox knows much about space travel?  P. 72

8/ How does Ford Prefect know the “Heart of Gold” is “brand new”? P. 75

9/ What is a GPP robot and why do you think it may be “awful”? P. 76

10/ Why doesn’t Marvin like the doors on the space ship? P. 77


Probability is cumulative…. (adds up)

The probability of getting a head on one coin is .5
The probability of getting two heads on two coins at the same time is .5 X.5 = .25
The probability of getting three heads on three coins at the same time is .5 X .5  X .5 = .125  (it gets less)
The probability of getting four heads on four coins at the same time is  .5 X .5 X .5 X .5 = .0625 (etc.,)
So the probability of getting SIX heads is?……
The probability of winning the lottery is  .02 X .02 X .02 X .02 X .02 X .02
(The same probability as a flying saucer hitting the Loch Ness Monster and Elvis Presley getting out.)
Make up three probabilities that you think will be as high as the two above.


Imagine Sirius Cybernetics asked you to  create an advertisement for GPP robots.
Design an advertisement for such a robot emphasising it’s good points and why GPP are being used.
You may wish to include a drawing.