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1/  Why was it necessary to sit still while listening to music? P. 79

2/ Does Trillion think Zaphod is very intelligent  P.81

3/ What is it about the computer that Zaphod hates? P. 82

4/ Would you say Marvin was obsequious? P. 85

5/ Where had Arthur met Zaphod before and why didn’t he like him? P. 88

6/ Why does the author say the Heart of Gold “fled” on? P. 90

7/ What does Ford mean by “naïve incompetence” when referring to Zaphod? P. 91

8/  Why do you think the planet Magrathea had not been found before? P. 92 and P.94-5

9/ Why did Magrathea stop selling planets?

10/ Ford Prefect thinks Magrathea is a myth, Trillion says it is similar to what?


Now that you know the Earth  was created from the forge at Magrathea write a letter to the designers complaining about the present state of it and ask for some modifications and improvements.