1/ What sort of voice did the announcer have  P. 102

2/ The second announcement by the tape offers a special service what is it? P. 103

3/ Why does Zaphod think they “must be on to something” ?  P. 104

4/ What does the computer do that it thinks will help the situation? P. 106

6/ In the video the control room looks like a control room. How does this differ from the book? P. 108

7/ What happens to the sperm whale? P. 109-110 etc.,

8/ Describe the personality of the emergency back-up computer. P.113

9/ How did Zaphod persuaded the computer to open the doors? P. 114

10  Why did they want Arthur to guard the entrance to the tunnel? P. 117


The massive computer Deep Thought had been designed to answer the ultimate question of life. He took several million years to come up with the answer and it was wrong. Deep Thought said the reason the answer was wrong was because the scientists hadn’t asked the right question.

In about 100 words try to “frame” a question that would answer some of the things that have often puzzled people for hundreds of years.