The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    (The name is not important)

1/ Was the sunset on Magrathea normal ? P. 124

2/ What explanation did the man give for the missiles being fired at the Heart of Gold? P. 126

3/ What was the manís job when they built planets? P. 127

4/ How did the man take Arthur inside the planet? P. 128

5/ Why do you think the man said his name was not important? P. 129

6/ Why did the dolphins think they were cleverer than man? P. 130

7/ What was the special task that the Magratheans had been awakened to do? P. 134 and 135

8/ What part of the original project had Slartibartfast been responsible for P.135

9/ Who had asked the Magratheans to make the original project? P. 135

10/ How many years was the original project meant to run for? P. 136


Why wait 7 days?
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Design a sales brochure for Magrathea explaining how you can make custom planets. Include some pictures and possible designs. Donít forget temperatures, weather etc.,