A Milliard Gargantubrain? Don’t count on it.

Don’t just say “NO”  Please explain your answers

1/ What did Deep Thought think  of the Milliard Gargantubrain? P. 139

2/ Does the Googleplex Star Thinker measure up to Deep Thought? P. 140

3/ What does Fook mean when he says  it’s getting messianic? P. 140

4/ Why did the philosophers want the computer turning off? P.  142-143

5/ What did the computer suggest to the two philosophers? P. 144

6/ What is troubling Slartibartfast about the dead cleaning staff and why? P. 146

7/ Why wasn’t Loonquawl very happy with Deep Thought? P. 149-150

8/ Why did Phouchg think they would be lynched? P. 51

9/How long had Deep Thought been considering the question? P. all over

10/ Why couldn’t they make any sense out of Deep Thought’s answer ? P.151


Many writers have written stories about computers that went wrong.

 “Westworld”  Where a robot cowboy kills people.

“Terminator” A mechanical killer.

“Robocop” A half human device with some human flaws.

Write a story on a similar theme where a robot or simple device starts to go wrong. It may be as complex as a free-standing robot that is employed as a servant. Or as simple as a washing machine that starts to go wrong. You may illustrate it if you wish.