“Oh!  No!  Not again”

1/ What was the phrase that started an intergalactic war?   P. 163

2/ What did the mice suggest Slartibartfast did instead of designing the coast line? P. 166

3/ Why do the mice really want the Ultimate Question? P. 167

4/Why didn’t Arthur want to sell his brain wave pattern to the mice?  P. 169

5/ What question do the mice think is “promising” and why? P. 171

6/ Do both the policemen like “gratuitously” shooting people? P. 173

7/ Why did the police want them to listen? P. 174

8/ What happened to the policemen? P. 177

9/  Explain in your own words what may have caused the policemen to die? P. 178

10/ Why does this part of the story differ from the video or tape of the book?


Now you have read and seen two alternative endings to this story try to create another ending. Start your ending from where the mice are trying to buy Ford’s brain.


Imagine you are the Intergalactic policeman the wrote stories and write a short encounter about how you chased Zaphod Beeblebrox across half the galaxy to Magrathea.