Sheet 1

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

1 Why do you think the workmen thought the room was draughty in the old cottage?

2 Give one reason why James liked the old cottage.

3 Why wasn’t Helen as keen on the old cottage?

4 The list of items on the blackboard included some strange words.
    Write these words out and try to guess what they mean.

5  What do you think is the first clue that the cottage is haunted?

6  What did James do with the dishcloth after he’d cleaned off the blackboard?

7 Do you think Tim knows about the ghost? How can you tell?

8  Why did James think his sister had been in his room?

Do you know a ghost story?  Tell your ghost story to your partner. Listen to your partner’s ghost story.
When you have both finished, talk about ways you can improve your story.

Write out your ghost story and remember to add all the improvements  you thought about when you were telling it to your partner.


Everyone has a strange story to tell. Interview a parent or relative and ask them to describe any strange experience they may have had. Then write short notes about it as a report.