Thomas Kempe Ch 10 (or X)

1/ How had Thomas Kempe maligned Mrs Verity? P. 117

2/ Why was James pleased that Thomas Kempe didn’t know about aerosol paint? P. 11
3/ Why were there old text books in the school hall when James went to school?
           P. 119
4/ Why was James interested in the old school account of buying coal? P. 120

5/ Was James worried about the graffiti incident? P. 121

6/ Why did James go in the house quietly? P. 122

7/ What did Thomas Kemp think they were doing in Lammas field? P. 123

8/ What happened to the student digging in Lammas field? P. 126

9/ Why was James in a hurry to get back for his tea? P. 127

10/ What had Thomas Kempe done to the vicarage? P. 128

Words that you should know:-

Use each of these words in a sentence:-

Malignity, graffiti, plaintively, quavered, inadequate, inclinations
vigilant, decisive, opinionated, compromise, claustrophobic, obsession


The words “Hooligan”, “Vandal” and “Thug” have strange beginnings see if you can find out why. One sentence about each.


Write a paragraph about how you would stop the archaeologists digging up Lammas field without  mentioning Thomas Kempe?