Thomas Kempe Chapter 11

1/ Where was James when the fence was painted? P. 130

2/ Can anyone prove James was where he said he was at five o’clock? P. 130

3/ Who did James leave the garden to when he went indoors? P. 131

4/ Why did James say he didn’t know any “person”  that may have written on the board? P. 133

5/ Did James know the benefactor? P. 134

6/ What did James mean about “People having layers like onions”? P. 134

7/ How old is Mrs Verity on her next birthday? P. 136

8/ Did Mrs Verity know anything about Arnold? P. 136

9/ What does Thomas kempe do to Mrs Verity’s house? P. 137


School has changed a lot since Mrs Verity’s day and we have some strange lessons now that would seem crazy to her.  Ask an older person what their school timetable was like and try to write it down as a time table. If there are any strange lessons describe them.