Thomas Kempe Ch 12

1/  Why didn’t the firemen think the house would burn down? P. 140

2/ What were people saying to Mrs Verity? P. 141

3/ What did the firemen say caused the fire? P.142

4/ Where had Mrs Verity gone to stay? P. 144

5/ What did Thomas Kempe want James to help him do? P. 143

6/ Who was working in the church when James went in? P. 146

7/ Where does Bert Ellis think Thomas Kempe’s grave is? P. 147

8/ What was the date on Thomas Kempe’s  grave? P. 149

9/ How could they tell Thomas Kempe’s spirit had gone to rest in the vault? P. 151

Story time.

Draw a series of cartoons showing how Thomas Kempe starting with page 143 and
“Helpe me to goe”

Use one page and make a block of six frames for the cartoon.

You may use speech bubbles or captions under the frames.