Shhet 2

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

1/ Why couldn’t Helen take the prescription to the chemist?

2/ What was wrong with the prescription that James took to the chemist? P.18

3/ Why didn’t James think his mother would believe him about the  prescription? P.19

4/ What does Thomas Kempe think to the town now? P.21

5/ What did James find in the old shed that cheered him up? P.22

6/ What was one of the last things did James found in the hole that he dug? P.23

7/ What did James tell his sister he had been doing all day? P. 24

8/ Why do you think the vase fell off the sideboard? P. 25

9/ What did Thomas Kempe think of the television? P.27

Try to put these words in a sentence:-

sustain indignation enthralling frenzied conclusion bitter


Thomas Kempe claims he can tell a persons future by the stars  “Astrology” astrology as we say today. Imagine you have been asked to write the astrology chart for a newspaper. Make  up the predictions for the star signs for next week.

Here is a start for you:-

Aries :-At work you’ll want to help people. You will have lots of time to  do things  and feel quite useful this week.

Here are the star signs:

Aries  Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo  Virgo

Libra  Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces