Thomas Kempe  Ch 3  Poltergeists

1/ Who had lived in the house before Jamesís family had moved in? P. 29

2/ Does Simon think there is a ghost? P. 31

3/ What did Thomas Kempe  leave outside the police station? P. 33

4/ Why was Mrs Harrison sneezing? P. 35

5/ Why did  James go to his room after lunch? P. 37

6/ Did Thomas Kempe like the books James was using? P. 37

7/  Why was there a bucket of water on the front step? P. 37/38

8/ What happened when James tried to talk to Thomas kempe? P. 38 P. 39

Homework  Title   Spell for ..................  Date

Thomas Kempe claimed to be a sorcerer . Imagine you have found an old recipe for some special spell .... say   Invisibility  or  Flying ointment.    What sort of things would you think it had in it?

Write a recipe for some spell you found in an old tin box that looks like it was written about a hundred years ago.

You may even use old fashioned writing too.

If you can make a quill it may look even better.