Thomas Kempe Chapter 4

1/ Who went mad according to James? P. 40
2/ Why has Mrs Branscombe  been knitting the same jumper for 5 years? P.43

3/ What is a poltergeist and what does it do? P. 44

4/ There is something under the church chancel, what is it? P. 45

5/ Why does Mrs Verity often “pop in “ to see Mrs Harrison?  P. 46
6/ What happened at the surgery, do you think it has anything to do with the story?  P. 47

7/ Why did James tear the top page off the writing pad?  P. 49

8/ Does Simon believe in ghosts ?  P. 49

9/ What makes you think Thomas Kempe is lurking in the kitchen?  P. 50

10/ Why does everyone look at James when the policeman arrives?  P. 52

Look up the following words and try to put them in sentences.

Financial  Dour  Perpendicular  Medieval

Conventional  Stimulating

Home Work

Imagine you have discovered an old map that points to some hidden treasure.
The map may show several things but the instructions are in rhyme or code.

Example. East of the old man (an old tree)  in the shadow afore noon (before mid day) in the sound of the nine tailors (church bell peal they ring at a funeral) ask old Tom for the answer….  (dig near a tombstone that has Thomas Kempe written on it)
You may add some symbols to the map if you wish.    BACA1234679