Thomas Kempe    Ch. Five5

1/ Why did the policeman think that Thomas Kempe Lived at the cottage? P. 53

2/ Where had  Mrs Harrison seen the “peculiar writing”  apart from on “Tombstones”? P. 54

3/ What makes you think that Tim is not as brave as he pretends?  P. 55

4/ Why were only half the children at school?  P. 55

5/ Why do you think the teacher (Mr Hollings) was able to try out some new ideas? P. 55

6/ What do you think Thomas Kempe thinks of the education at the school? P. 56

7/ Why did Mr Hollings think that people believed in witchcraft in the past?  P. 57

8/ Did Mr Hollings suspect that a ghost had written the words on the board? P. 58

9/ Does Simon believe that Thomas Kempe wrote the words on the board? P. 59

10/ Does Mr Harrison believe in poltergeist? (in this chapter) No page number


Mr Hollings said that people in the past believed in superstitions.

Try and find 10 superstitions that people can still remember now.


Here’s a starter for ten….Never let a black cat cross your path as it will bring   bad luck.