Thomas Kempe Chapter 6

1/  Why do you think the alarm clock kept going off at the Harrison’s? P. 64

2/  Did Mrs Verity like going to Sunday School? P. 67

3/  How can you tell that Thomas Kempe doesn’t like Mrs Verity? P. 69

4/  Does the Vicar know Tim the dog? P. 70

5/  Why did the Vicar “spill” his tea P. 71

6/  How did James know Thomas Kempe was keeping an eye on him? P. 72

7/  Does Thomas kempe like the Vicar? P. 73

8/ Does Mrs Verity know any ghost stories? P. 74

9/ What advice does Mrs Verity give James about  ghosts? P. 75

10/ What job does Bert Ellison do when he’s not chasing ghosts? P. 77


Things to think about:-

Thomas Kempe has been quite a nuisance in this story and James should have been keeping a log book.

Going back over the story so far make a log of incidents that Thomas Kempe could be blamed for.

Place:-  Event:-  Date:-  Evidence:-


Look in the Yellow pages of the telephone directory at home and design two advertisements for Bert Ellison , the first for his building firm, the second for his work in the field of the supernatural.