Thomas Kempe  Chapter 7

1/ Why do you think Mr Harrison’s dressing gown  cord finished up on  an apple tree? P.  81

2/ Do lettuces go blue if you water them with ink?  P. 81

3/ Did James think Bert looked like an exorcist?   P. 81

4/ How many Vicars did they use in the olden times to exorcise ghosts? P. 82

5/ Does James think Helen knows anything about woodwork ? P. 84

6/ Why couldn’t they get Thomas Kempe in the bottle? P. 86 and P.1

7/ What happened in James’s room after Bert had left? P. 89

8/ Does James tell Helen about Thomas Kempe ? P. 91

9/ Why do you think Thomas Kempe says he cannot be tricked like that twice? P. 91

James has been blamed for a lot of things that Thomas Kempe has done.
Write a letter to the “Supernatural Monthly” explaining what is happening at East End Cottage and why James is getting the blame for the angry poltergeist.


Rent a Ghost….. One way they could keep Thomas Kempe busy is by asking him to haunt some other houses. Draw an advertisement for Thomas Kempe advertising him as a spook for rent.

You may, if you wish, draw six frame cartoon for a television advertisement.