Thomas Kempe  Chapter 8

 1/ What did James think had caused Thomas Kempe to be released again? P. 93

2/ Where did James think he’d find a clue to Thomas Kempe  and the cottage? P. 94

3/ James found some old postcards and newspaper clippings about what? P. 95

4/ What was the oldest thing that James found in the rubbish heap? P. 95

5/ What does “hard to decipher” mean on page 95?

6/ What did James almost drop the diary he found? P. 96

7/ Who was Miss F. Spence and where did she live? P. 98

8/ What is the name of the river that is near the cottage? P. 99

9/ Why did Arnold name the puppy Palmerston? P.100

10/ Did Miss Spence like Arnold? (read pages 100 to 101)

11/ What did the vicar use to try and get rid of Thomas Kempe for Miss S.? P.

Look up these words in a dictionary and write a sentence using each one.

Rationing enthusiast disposition tantalising immersed raptures
perplexing elaborate  vehemently incantation sonorous solemnity


Miss Spence kept a very detailed diary of the events in 1856. Things like this make very interesting reading to people in the future. Imagine you were going to leave a diary of everyday events. Write a short account of one day  in your life including simple things that you think little of but may be of interest to people in the future.
Things like: What you ate for breakfast one day, what you did with your spare time.

Imagine the reader may not understand things as well as you as they may read it in a hundred years time.