The Ghost of Thomas Kempe chapter 9

1/ Why do you think James felt “slightly dazed” when he looked around him? P. 106

2/ Did Aunt Fanny let Arnold eat his meals in the kitchen? P. 106

3/ Why did James want to try Cumberland  pudding? P. 107

4/ Why didn’t James tell Simon about Arnold? P. 108

5/ What did Simon want to do instead of watch Bert Ellison? P. 108

6/ Why didn’t Bert draw a chalk circle on the floor? P. 110

7/ What stopped Bert from trapping Thomas Kempe this time? P. 113

8/ Do you think Mrs Verity would have been any help catching the ghost?

9/ What did Thomas kempe do for the rest of the evening? P. 115

10/ Why did James have to go to bed early? P. 115

Write down what you think each of these words means then find a dictionary and write down what the dictionary definition is.

gargantuan  (P.106)  elaborate (P.107) inexplicable( P.108)

indecipherable(P.110) plaintively(P.110)    dolefully(P.114)


Write down the words above and using a dictionary find two other words that could have been used instead of the words above.

Here is the first  GARGANTUAN.......Gigantic.........Massive