Recent sightings related to these have now been made available. This bureau requires you to investigate.

The department wishes you to consider these sightings in relation to the previous sightings in other countries and try to establish some ‘ground rules’ for future observations.

As you are aware this is a very broad area and you are required to concentrate on one phenomenon related to this

1 Loch Ness   2 The Beast Of Bodmin Moor 3 Sea Monsters

4 Lake Khaiyr Monster 5 White River Monster

Contacts:-……. Any evidence you can gain from actual witnesses or friends of witnesses

Material……..There are a selection of video tapes and TV shows now  cover reported incidents.

Media………The media, TV, Radio and Papers cover these events quite often, check local papers for any possible leads.

Internet……………There are several web sites that deal with this. If you can gain access to the Internet try there

References:- B. Heuvelmans “On the Track of Unknown Animals” Charles Fort “The Complete Books of Charles Fort”
                               P. Costello “In search of Lake Monsters”  Tim Dinsdale “Loch Ness Monster”