The bureau has received reports of recent activities concerning Crop Circles. As you are aware these circles have repeatedly appeared in fields up and down the U.K. during the summer months. Some claims have been made by artists ( Chorley and Bower) that they are responsible for creating these circles, however the number of circles is so great this would seem impossible.

The department would like a better explanation for this phenomenon and you are required to investigate this as closely as possible.

Contacts …….. Any evidence you can gain from actual witnesses

Material ……   You will find TV shows and video tapes that now cover these areas.

Media  ……… Watch local papers, radio or tv for these items.

Internet …….  There are several web sites that hold different theories about this phenomenon.

Books    ……  Recent books devoted to Crop Circles are now available while several of the standard reference books on UFO’s and such cover this area.

Try “The Waterbury Mystery” 1980…”The Unexplained” 1980

“Mysteries of Time and Space” Brad Steiger

“UFO Investigation” R. Stone