Strange and Bizarre beings

This department is concerned about the numerous and generally unsupported sightings of strange creatures. Claims that “fairies”, “goblins” or other such creatures have been seen by members of the public have made this a concern.

We therefore require you to investigate any such claims and consider this problem seriously. Please research the history of these phenomena carefully and try to produce some coherent report on these strange events and claims.

There are many references to the Cottingly Fairies investigated by  C. Doyle
And frequent references in folklore regarding strange creatures; please look into these areas.

 Possible sources in the library:-

 Any Folklore books on this subject


"The Unexplained" 12 volumes
"Explaining the Unexplained"
"Unexplained Mysteries of the World"
"The X-Files"  The official Guide to the X-Files
"The X-Files Series" Jnr Reader series

The Case of the Cottingly Fairies”  A.C. Doyle “the Unexplained” see above