General Phenomenon… Ghost-Spirits etc.,

This phenomenon has long since caused much concern to this bureau and some form of definitive answer is now required concerning this area.

This department would welcome the opportunity to ‘close the file’ on this mystery and you are required to investigate this matter.

As you are aware this is a very broad area and you are required to concentrate on one phenomenon related to this: -

1 Poltergeist             2 Haunted Buildings         3 Haunted People

4 Spirit Possession                  5 Psychic Powers              6 Exorcisms

You may wish to confer with other department members currently investigating similar incidents

Contacts:-……. Any evidence you can gain from actual witnesses or friends of witnesses

Material……..There are a selection of video tapes and TV shows now  cover reported incidents.

Media………The media, TV, Radio and Papers cover these events quite often, check local papers for any possible leads.

Internet……………There are several web sites that deal with this. If you can gain access to the Internet try there

References:- Charles Fort “The Complete Book of Charles Fort” Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, 1895
                                 B.R. Lamont “Phantom Soldiers” A. Marc “Phantom Britain”

Other possible sources in the library:-

"The Unexplained" 12 volumes
"Explaining the Unexplained"
"Unexplained Mysteries of the World"
"The X-Files"  The official Guide to the X-Files
"The X-Files Series" Jnr Reader series

Ghosts and things:-

Audio Tapes  "Borely Rectory" (caution)
"Ghosts of Wales"
"Haunted York"
"A Gazetteer of British Ghosts"