Abominable Snowman or Yeti

The bureau has received reports that sightings by laymen and crypto-zoologists have recently been on the increase.

This phenomenon is no longer considered as a 'myth' by this department and you are asked to investigate this matter.

As you are aware several 'eye-witness' accounts of this have, at best, been suspect so please use caution when writing your report.

You may wish to confer with other department members currently investigating similar incidents.

Contacts :-

Any evidence you can gain from actual witnesses or friends of witnesses.

Material :-

A selection of videotapes and TV shows  now cover reported incidents.

Media :-

 TV, Radio and Papers cover these events quite often, check local papers for any possible leads.

Internet :-

There are several web Sites that deal with this. If you can gain access to the Internet try there.

Books :-

B. Heuvelmans "On the Track of Unknown Animals"
O. Techerine.. “Thc Yeti"
J & C Bord "Alien Animals"
I. Sanderson "Abominable Snowmen"

Your library has some books that deal with this too :-

"The Unexplained" 12 volumes
"Explaining the Unexplained"
"Unexplained Mysteries of the World"
"The X-Files" The official Guide to the X-Files
"The X-Files Series" Jnr reader series